"As my coach, found her a good listener and patient when I struggled to articulate my thoughts and experiences. I was very unsure of myself, my skills and abilities and ultimately my value to an employer. 


With Dora's support, I was able to acknowledge and accept the positive aspects of my character and see my worth.


Dora was solution focused and helped me work out what I needed, where I wanted to be and how to get there. As a result of her input, I am now much more self aware and confident of who I am. I am now employed in the role I wanted and further more, I have stepped out my comfort zone and started a self employed venture. This is not something I could imagine myself doing this time last year.


I'm really grateful for Dora's support and encouragement but also her intelligence to know when to help and when to allow me to work things out for myself. I look forward to working with her again."

Victoria – Trafford

"Dora Blake of Headway LD is a coach with layers aplenty! She has coached me on numerous occasions and on diverse matters including parenting.


As you can imagine talking about parenting was a BIG deal. I found her to be attentive, engaging, intuitive, challenging when required and above all truthful. I felt like we were on a journey together to get to the goal. As a coach myself, I needed to make sure I sought coaching from the best. I highly recommend Dora Blake because Headway LD coaching is laced with Integrity’ that’s what you get. Integrity!!!

Well being Coach – Salford

"Your sessions were brilliant!"

Academy school – Greater Manchester

"Dora has allowed me to realise that the world doesn't revolve around me. She has the ability which allows you to see problems with a different perspective. 


A few times during my sessions
I came to her complaining about "how I've been treated or why things are the way they are"? She would ask me questions that would make me ask myself if am not being selfish or egocentric. In short she didn't spoon feed me she helped me help myself.  


If you are looking for someone who can ignite your potential, doesn't sugar coat or tell you what you want to hear; then Dora is the right coach for you.

The latter would be invalid if I don't tell you of what I've gone on to achieve. In short when I met Dora when I was a student, I went on to graduate and I now own a growing courier company which is doing well. 


My name is Benson. Dora's coaching didn't only help me, it changed my life."

Benson – Salford

"I had a lot of goals that I wanted to achieve, to help me become happier and make a positive difference to those around me.  Dora helped me through the challenges. Before she even asked me questions she made sure she heard and understood clearly my story. 


Her questions helped me realise that seeing the good in people and understanding the way people process information is important. This has been a very useful tool in mending my broken relationships.


She is relaxed, approachable and a great listener. She makes a great life coach."

Annie – Birmingham

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