Our Consultant

Dora is our Learning and Self Development Coach. She has extensive experience and skill in working with people from all walks of life in her previous career working for housing associations.

As an ambitious and visionary leader, Dora was the Chair of the Board at Arcon Housing Association for five years.  In that time she led the modernisation of the organisation with a focus on partnerships, excellence, learning and innovation underpinned by strong governance. She retired from the Board in March 2016. Alongside her role as Chair, Dora made an impact at Salix Homes where she was responsible for delivering  bespoke volunteer recruitment campaigns as part of the customer involvement strategy. It was at Salix Homes where she gained the skills and opportunity to begin coaching as part of her work to empower tenant and resident volunteers. She is optimistic in her outlook on life and loves to see and help bring out the best talents in people. Dora currently serves as a Trustee at Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisations (GMCVO). 


She is married with a son and daughter, both under ten years of age.


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