Life Coaching and Mentoring

Life coaching is about changing your life to be the way you want to live it. It provides a space for you to explore the issues which matter most to you.


When experiencing difficult life changing situations you may lack the experience, knowledge or ability to take the right course of action. The opportunity to take stock before continuing on a particular path means you make well considered decisions and make realistic plans to change your life for the better.



Below are examples of conversation topics our clients bring to coaching sessions:


  • I want to develop my self confidence
  • I want to create more time to look after me
  • I want to get better at developing the people I manage at work
  • My relationships with other people are not good
  • My stress and anxiety is affecting my health
  • I’ve not worked for such a long time, I can’t get a job interview  
  • I want to talk to my kids so they understand me
  • I want to find my life purpose and do work that matters to me
  • I want to lose weight and get healthy


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